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Nashville Drainage / Middle Tn Drainage !

Posted by Dalton Quigley in 2010  • 

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Th is one of our past projects.

We started by marking the area for work.

Current Drainage Project in the Nashville area.

Once marked we began digging the trench and locating the gasline and teracotta pipe

that was below the soil.

With the trenching now finished we added an inch of gravel and

laid the pipe in. There is a cap on the upper end and the entire pipe is

inside of a fabric sock.

Below is a closeup of the pipe in sock and the lime base layer.

We backfilled with the crushed limestone and added a couple of inches of soil

over the top.

Around the corner we made a small berm of soil under the bush to help protect

the home from water.

Below are the downspout and french drain pipe openings.

This is the back yard downspout that was contracted to be moved about 7' but we actually moved it out to about 15' which will be better.

Below is where the downspout attaches to the back of the home.

This is the front downspout.

When we were done we raked in Great Fescue seed at the areas we worked or disturbed.

When we were finished we raked in great fescue seed.


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Thank you.